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Baptism ....the sacremental beginning of the Christian life. The outward part of baptism  is the water - being baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Unseen is "the inward spiritual grace" . . this is the gift of God - new birth!


Baptisms are scheduled by calling the Priest-in-Charge who will tell you when the next baptism service is scheduled. A 40 minute Preparation Class is usually scheduled at the Church a few days before the  Sunday Service.


Godparents / sponsors -  adults who have been baptized-  witness a Christian baptism and take on special responsibilities for the Christian upbringing of the newly baptised. These responsibilities are serious in the case of infant baptism at which the godparents also make the promises of renunciation, faith and obedience in the child’s name.


To register for your child's baptism (or your bapistm) download the registration form  on the right  . . . and email it to




     Church of Apostles Baptism Schedule

        Sunday October 8,2017

     St. Thomas Church Baptism Schedule

      Sunday September 3,2017

      Sunday October 1,2017


Service times are 11:00AM

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